Potential sources forage products directly from farmers in the western US. Currently our focus is on Alfalfa Hay from the Pacific South West (PSW) and Northwest (PNW). We regularly visit the farms to ensure that our overseas customers receive the grade and quality meets their requirements.

Our close relationship with farmers allows us to supply materials throughout the year. Each part of the PSW and PNW has a different growing season, and throughout the season (first cutting, second cutting, third cutting, etc.) we purchase Alfalfa Hay that is delivered to our production facility according to our customer requirements.

Our supplier relationship throughout the PSW and PNW ensures that customer needs are met throughout the year. Our transportation network, which is a combination of our own trucks and those from contracted carriers, provides a chain of custody so that all material that is "double compressed" at our processing facility is consistent quality.

We regularly visit farms to ensure that our overseas customers receive the grades and qualities which meet their requirement.

Double Compressed MAG

MAG bale size: 46”x33”x44”

MAG bale weight: (430~450kg)

9 rows x 6 bales + 2 bales end bales = 56 bales per container

Bales per container @ 450 kg/992 Ibs= 55,552 Ibs or 25.5 MT

Our Process (Video)

Double Compressed 1/2 Cut

1/2 Cut Bale Size: 11.5" x 16.5" x 22.5"

Half cut bale Weight:  (25~30kg) - 3 Stacks per bale. Stacked to units then wrapped

10 rows x 24 bales = 240 bales per container 

Bales per container @ 120 kg/256 Ibs= 63,600 Ibs or 28.8 MT

Shipping and Receiving

28 loading docks in a 223,865 sq. ft. facility also providing quick turnaround and immediate shipment to various Asia countries

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